Asteroid - a small body of rock and ice orbiting the Sun 

Atmosphere - the layer of gas around a planet

Comet - a comet is an icy bright object that passes through space leaving a tail of ice and dust behind it.

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Galaxy - a system of billions of stars all orbiting a central point 

Gravity - the force that attracts a moon to a planet or a planet to a star

Meteor - a small piece of matter from outer space, up to the size of a boulder

Milky Way - the galaxy that we live in

Moon - a celestial body that makes an orbit around a planet. Earth has just one, called The Moon.       

Orbit - the path that a moon takes around a planet, or the path that a planet takes around the Sun.  

Planet - a large, round object in space that moves around a star

Shooting star - a meteor that is passing through the Earth’s atmosphere and has got so hot that it glows in the night sky.    

Solar System - the Sun and collection of stars

Star - a large ball of very hot gases, that gives off lots of light and heat

Sun - the star around which the Earth orbits  

Universe -  everything that exists – all the stars, all the galaxies, all the planets and everything in between

Year - the length of time it takes the Earth to travel around the Sun