Primary Leap's Benefits is an educational website that provides thousands of printable worksheets for teachers, parents and homeschoolers. We cover a wide variety of topics including English, maths, science, geography, history, grammar, spelling, reading and comprehension and many more.

Printable Worksheets

We offer 1000s of online worksheets to help improve a child's understanding and knowledge of the national curriculum. Our worksheets are written by highly qualified teachers and designed by creative illustrators with your child in mind. We aim to provide teachers and parents with the best learning tool for their children by creating a fun, enjoyable way of learning. Our resources are available to everyone so become a member today and see for yourself.

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At Primary Leap we feel it is important to provide our customers with the best online education resources at a price that everyone can afford. For less than 90p a week members can enjoy our unique features and have complete access to the whole of the national curriculum. Join today and give your child the head start they need in life at Primary Leap.

Comprehensive Syllabus

We cover the whole of the national curriculum to provide opportunities for all children to learn and prepare them for the next steps in their education. We offer a wide variety of fun, creative worksheets to help children attain their targets and build their confidence in all areas of the syllabus. This is beneficial to parents and teachers alike.

User Friendly

Our unique online search engine makes it quick and easy for users to find exactly what they are looking for. If you are searching for a specific term or topic, type it into our search bar and let us find it for you. Alternatively you can browse through our resources by using our filter system to narrow down your search and find the relevant worksheet which relates to your child's needs. Simply hoover over a worksheet if you wish to see a larger preview. Once you have found what you are looking for, click on the worksheet and then select download or print. It's that simple!

Free Members

Members can sign up to Primary Leap for free by simply entering their name, email address and password. As a free member you will have limited worksheet access to Primary Leap and certain download restrictions. These are listed on the left hand side of the page when downloading/printing a worksheet.


Our online resources have been designed with fun in mind. It is important to keep children interested and motivated when they are learning. Our high quality worksheets are fun and enjoyable to complete. We also have interactive games to improve your child's spelling and arithmetic.

Daily Workout

Daily Workout is designed to give your child a daily brain training session in English, Math, Science, Geography, History and Reasoning. Pupils are given an assortment of different questions taken from the curriculum in each year group, making it fun and interesting. The questions are random and can be repeated, this will help your child to retain the answers. So have a go and watch your child's knowledge grow!


Our qualified team of teachers and staff are here to help with any questions you may have, email us at If you have any queries regarding our site check out our help page, it contains tutorials on how Primary Leap works and has information on payments, accounts and troubleshooting.

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We offer 1000s of fun, creative worksheets to help children attain their targets and build their confidence in all areas of the syllabus.

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