What is Daily Workout?

Daily Workout is designed to give your child a daily brain training session in English, Math, Science, Geography, History and Reasoning. Pupils are given an assortment of different questions taken from the curriculum in each year group, making it fun and interesting. The questions are random and can be repeated, this will help your child to retain the answers.

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Can My Progress work for more than one child?

At the moment our My Progress system only calculates one chlid. This is something we may be changing in the near future. The system calculates the scores that are entered and evaluates them from there, showing the areas where a child is excelling or needs more improvement.

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How does My Progress work?

Each worksheet has a score written on it. Simply input your child's scores of the worksheets you have downloaded and our system will calculate the percentage. This makes it easy to see the subjects that your child is excelling in and where more improvement may be needed. If your child is struggling with a certain subject we will recommend the correct worksheets for that area. You can see on a weekly basis how well your child is improving within a subject.

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If I have more than one child, do I need to purchase more than one account?

Not necessarily. With regards to worksheets your subscription allows you to download worksheets from any year that you wish. We do recommend signing up to an Intermediate Access or Unlimited Access account if you have more than one child to allow more monthly downloads. 

If you wish to use 'My Progress' we suggest signing up to two accounts as this system only calculates one child.

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Are all the years included in one subscription?

Yes. When you sign up to Primary Leap you gain complete access to the website and all its resources.

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What is the difference between Primary Leap's Accounts?

Primary Leap has 3 different types of accounts. All accounts have exactly the same privileges but different download limits for worksheets. Take a look at the different accounts below and see which one is best for you.

Basic Access: 150 downloads per month

Intermediate Access: 250 downloads per month

Unlimited Access: Unlimited downloads per month

Downloads do NOT include answer sheets.

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Am I charged every month?

All Primary Leap's accounts are on periodic billings. You will be charged the same amount as you signed up for. The frequency of this charge also depends on what options you choose. You can sign up on a monthly, 6 monthly or yearly basis. If you subscribe to our basic access for a year you will only pay 90p a week which is an excellent saving compared to books and other resource websites.

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How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply send us a confirmation e-mail that you would like us to close your account. Please also include your order ID number and we will cancel your periodic billing. Your account will then close on the date of your next billing.

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What happens if I forget my password?

If you forget your password click 'Forgot your password' when signing in and a new one will be sent to you straight away. You can also contact us at contact@primaryleapfrog.com

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