SEN or special educational needs

This label can often frighten parents. DON'T let it! What does SEN mean? It just means that your child is not learning at the same rate as the average of the class. There could be many reasons for this. Maybe English is not your child's first language? Or maybe your child is a late developer or has had a lot to cope with in the last year.   There are other more significant reasons for learning difficulties such as Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia or Dyslexia. If your child has bee...

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Teaching Kids Science

Always try to answer your child's questions. e.g. Why is the grass green or why is the sky blue? If you are not sure of the answer to a difficult question look it up together in a book or use the computer - an excellent source of information for all of us. Some science topics can be done at home such as 'Does it float?' Let your child find out using different objects around the house. Our worksheets cover of all these subjects and topics and are an excellent extra ...

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