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Our online progress report includes details of your child's best and worst topics. This allows you to keep track of your child's progress and ensure your child is reaching important goals. All you have to do is enter your child's worksheet score and let us do the rest.

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Sheet Title Year Date Status Max Score Score
Picture observation 2 2 31-08-2011 10 10 Update
Picture observation 3 2 31-08-2011 10 2 Update
Subtraction review 1 31-08-2011 22 11 Update
Multiplication review 1 31-08-2011 23 3 Update
Reading comprehension - What is a Fish? (non-fiction) 2 29-08-2011 8 7 Update
Road word search 1 31-08-2011 10 8 Update
Life In The Country 1 31-08-2011 5 3 Update
Reading comprehension - Zak Goes To The Zoo 1 31-08-2011 6 3 Update
Reading comprehension - Zak Goes To The Zoo 1 31-08-2011 6 5 Update
Fashion in the Victorian times 1 31-08-2011 1 1 Update

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