What is electricity?

Electricity is energy. It is caused by moving electrons (the tiny particles that make up atoms). So electricity is the 'flow' of electrons.

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This energy can be used to power electrical devices like televisions, toasters and computers.

We can get electricity from:

  • Burning fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal
  • Using wind power from wind turbines
  • Using solar power from the Sun
  • Using water power or hydropower from running or falling water

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This electricity can then get transported to our homes and schools through wires and cables or it can be stored in batteries.


Is electricity safe?

Electricity is a very powerful energy that can be dangerous. It can give you an electric shock.

Here are a few ways you can be careful with electricity: 

  • Do not play with electricity.
  • Never stick things into plugs.
  • When you unplug something from the wall, don’t pull on the cord, use the plug.

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  • Never put electronic items into water. 
  • Do not put things on top of electrical cords, this can damage them and cause a fire.


Uses of electricity

Electricity is one of the most important sources of energy we use every day. It travels to our houses and schools through power lines and is sent on wires to sockets in our walls. The electricity that flows through cables is called current electricity. When we plug things into the sockets, we can use the electricity to charge our phones or tablets, turn on the lights, watch television and cook in the oven. 

Electricity is also used in cars. The car has a battery to start the engine, similar to an electric toy. Some cars run entirely on electric and don’t need petrol. You can just plug them into a socket!

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