Belgium is a small country in Western Europe. The official name of Belgium is the Kingdom of Belgium. It was known as the Battlefield of Europe because a lot of battles were fought there.

Belgium has four neighbouring countries: France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The three official languages are French, German and Dutch. 

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The population of Belgium is approximately 11 million people. The capital of Belgium is Brussels.

Have you ever heard of those yummy vegetables called Brussel sprouts? Have a guess where they got their name from!

People from the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium are called Flemish and in the French-speaking part, they are known as Walloons. 


The flag

The flag of Belgium is black, yellow and red.

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What is Belgium like?

The land in Belgium is mostly flat with many canals and dikes that stop the country from flooding. It also has valleys, caves, rivers and lakes. The Meuse River is the largest river to pass through Belgium.

Summers are not very hot and winters are average, not too cold. It is often rainy and cloudy, but life in Belgium is far from grey! It’s the land of french fries! French fries originated in Belgium and they are often eaten with mayonnaise.


Major cities 

Brussels - known for its food and comics.

Antwerp - known for its diamond industry and for being one of the biggest ports in the world.

Ghent - a city of universities and a ten-day-long music and theatre festival called the Gentse Feesten.

Charleroi - a beautiful city whose inhabitants are called Carolos.


What is Belgium famous for?

Belgium is famous for chocolates, waffles and beer. Once you try Belgian chocolate you won’t want to try anything else.