What is a correlative conjunction?

Correlative conjunctions are conjunctions that connect two balanced clauses, phrases, or words. 

Examples of correlative conjunctions:

Both ... and - Both the library and the gym are open today.

Either ... or - I will eat either porridge or cereal for breakfast.

Such ... that - She is such a smart girl that she passes all of her exams. 

Hardly ... when - Hardly had I reached the station when the train came.

Scarcely ... when - Scarcely had I started the journey when it started raining.

Rather ... than - They would rather play football than watch television. 

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No sooner ... than - No sooner had I gone to bed than the phone rang.

Not only ... but also -  He not only studies hard but also works well.  

Whether ... or - Parcels are delivered whether it rains or snows.

Neither ... nor - He is neither a plumber nor an electrician. 

So... that - She was so happy that she danced for joy.


Which sentence makes more sense?

1. It was such a hot day that nobody could do any work.

2. It was both a hot day and nobody could do any work.

Answer = 1. It was such a hot day that nobody could do any work.

Now that you have read some examples of correlative conjunctions, let's start the activities!