What is Easter?

Easter is a very old Christian holiday. In fact, it’s the oldest one!

It is not celebrated on the same date every year but it is always in spring, anytime between March 22 and April 25. 

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For Christians, it is a very important holiday. It is a celebration of Jesus coming back to life (resurrection). Jesus died on a Friday, that day is called Good Friday because he died for the good of mankind. After he died he was put in a tomb but three days later (on a Sunday) the tomb was found empty! Jesus had risen and come back to life.

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This is why Easter is all about new life and rebirth. Springtime is also the time of year where winter is coming to an end and new flowers and babies are born. Eggs and rabbits are symbols of this new life.


Easter symbols

Popular Easter symbols are baskets, nests, eggs, rabbits, the cross and white lilies. Chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies are often given as gifts.

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Every country celebrates Easter in different ways. The idea of the Easter bunny originated in Germany but in Sweden, they have an Easter Wizard instead of a bunny!


Did you know?

  • The word 'Easter' is derived from Eastre, an ancient Pagan Goddess of Spring.
  • 40 days before Easter many Christians participate in a time called Lent. During this time they don’t eat foods like meat, fish, eggs or dairy.