Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. It lies on the east coast and is built around Edinburgh Castle. 

Edinburgh Castle is built on an extinct volcano.

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The castle has a military display each year called a tattoo. There are brass bands and bands of bagpipes too. 

Bagpipes are a musical instrument.

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Edinburgh has lots of festivals. The Edinburgh International Festival takes place every year, thousands of performers come to put on shows.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the world's largest arts festival.

The old town of Edinburgh is the oldest part of the city. People travel around Edinburgh mostly by bus. The busiest and biggest airport in Scotland is Edinburgh airport.

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There are many important buildings in Edinburgh. The public can visit Holyrood Palace which was once the home of the Scottish kings. 

There are three different royal residences in Edinburgh. Only one is still used by the royal family as a home. 

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Edinburgh Castle (right) is the oldest royal residence in Edinburgh. The Honours of Scotland are kept in the Crown Room at Edinburgh Castle.