Eoraptor (meaning 'dawn thief') is another one of the early dinosaurs that lived during the Triassic period, around 228 million years ago. 

It belonged to a group called Saurischians, or lizard-hipped dinosaurs. Their hips were similar to that of the modern lizards.

Eoraptor was a small dinosaur, about 3ft long (1m), and weighed around 22 pounds (10kg). It had a thin body with a long tail and a long head full of teeth. 

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Scientists aren’t really sure if it had scales or feathers. They know it walked on two legs and they believe it was an omnivore, meaning it ate everything. Some of its teeth were long and sharp for cutting meat and some of its teeth were blunt and leaf-shaped for grinding plants.

Its front legs had 5 fingers with claws on three of its fingers. The other two fingers were very small.


Did you know?

  • Many Eoraptor fossils have been found in Argentina in the ‘Valley of the Moon’.
  • Some scientists believe that the skeletons found of Eoraptors are only of juveniles and that an adult Eoraptor still hasn’t been discovered yet.