Finland is a country located in northern Europe and is bordered by Sweden, Norway and Russia. Most of the land is forest, around 70%, that’s very high! It’s the most heavily forested country in Europe and many people there work as loggers.

More than 5.5 million people live in Finland and the capital is called Helsinki. The country has two official languages: Finnish and Swedish.


What is Finland like?

The land is mostly flat with thousands of lakes. Lake Saimaa is the largest in Finland and home to the rare Ringed Seal, there are only around 310 left of them in the lake. 

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At 1324m Halti is the highest mountain in Finland and Kemijoki is Finland’s longest river, it flows for 550km.

The weather is cold and Like Norway, Finland goes through a period where the Sun doesn’t set, so they have no night time. In winter the opposite happens and the Sun doesn’t show for weeks!


Major cities

Helsinki - the largest city of Finland and is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland.

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Espoo - the second largest city in Finland and has a total of 71 lakes. Lake Bodom is the largest lake in Espoo. 

Tampere - a great place to observe the city. The observation tower is called the Näsinneula. 


What is Finland famous for?

Finland is famous for many things. Some of the world’s best Northern Lights, also called the Aurora Borealis, can be seen in Finnish Lapland. They can appear more than 200 nights a year.