Where is the Ganges River?

The Ganges River is the most important river in India. It flows for 1,569 miles (2,525 km) and is named after the Indian Goddess, Ganga.

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Who lives near the Ganges?

The Ganges River is home to hundreds of different types of fish as well as freshwater dolphins and Ganges sharks, both of which are endangered species. Endangered means at risk of extinction. 

The strange-looking gharial crocodile can also be spotted in these waters.

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Millions of people depend on the river for bathing and fishing. More people live near the Ganges River than by any other river in the world. It has over 400 million people!

Water from the Ganges is used to grow crops like rice, sugarcane, lentils, seeds for oil, potatoes and wheat. 


A holy river

In the Hinduism religion, the Ganges River is believed to be a holy river. Millions of people travel from around the country to bathe in its water and be purified and forgiven. 


Did you know?

  • The Ganges River is the 34th longest river in the world.
  • The largest human gathering in the world is held at the Ganges River. It’s called Kumbh Mela and up to 100 million pilgrims (spiritual seekers) gather there.
  • The Ganges River is becoming shallower in some areas. Some people think this is due to climate change.