Germany is in the centre of Europe with 9 other countries bordering it, more than any other European country. That’s a lot of neighbours!

The official language spoken in Germany is German. 'Hallo' is their way of saying hello. 

The capital of Germany is Berlin and it’s famous for the Berlin wall.

Germany is one of the most advanced countries in the whole world! And there are more than 80 million people living there, making it the second most populated country in Europe.


The flag

The German flag is black, red and gold.

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What is Germany like?

Germany has a large variety of landscapes from beautiful green forests to snowy mountains. The black forest is a big mountainous region full of pines and fir trees. Many people visit Germany to see the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain. The Danube River in Germany is one of the longest rivers in Europe. 

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The weather is generally cool and cloudy.


Major cities 

Berlin - lots to see from museums to the Zoological Garden (Europe’s most visited zoo).

Hamburg - the city that the hamburger was named after. It has many theatres and music shows.

Munich - famous for the beer and food festival Oktoberfest.

Other major cities are Cologne, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf.


What is Germany famous for?

Germany is famous for producing high-quality products. If you want to buy something that is going to last then Germany is the place to go! Germany is also known for its delicious sausages and pretzels.