Why we should eat a healthy diet

For our bodies to work we need food and if we want our bodies to work really well we need the right type of food: food that is rich in nutrients.

Nutrients are the building blocks for our bodies, they provide the energy for all our body parts to run. Imagine a toy that needs batteries to work, the toy will only work if you put the right batteries inside it. 

A healthy diet is a diet that gives our bodies everything it needs and that makes us feel good inside. When our bodies need nutrients we feel hungry. If we eat foods that are poor in nutrients our bodies will continue to feel hungry and we will continue to eat. Many people suffer from obesity because of this. Instead of dieting, the best thing to do is to eat healthy foods!

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Activities like running and playing sports require more energy, while other activities like sitting and sleeping require little energy. Any extra energy we have that isn’t used up through being active is stored in our bodies as fat. 


The food groups

Foods contain minerals, vitamins, fibre, fats and proteins.

Minerals make our skin, bones and teeth healthy.

Vitamins help us fight off diseases and stay strong.

Fibre helps food travel better through our intestines.

Fats help our bodies build nerves and are essential for our bodies to run. The brain itself is made up of fat.

Protein helps us to build our muscles and grow.