Early life

The real name of Mahatma Gandhi is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was born on 2 October 1869 in Porbandar, India. He was born into a wealthy family. His mother was very religious and his father was the Chief Minister of Porbander. They wanted him to become a barrister which is a type of lawyer. 

At 13 years old, Gandhi was married to a girl who was the same age as him. They were married for 62 years until Gandhi’s death in 1948.

Mohandas moved to London when he was 19 years old to study law at the University College in London. He worked very hard at university and began to study all religions. He returned to India three years later and started his own law practice, but it wasn't successful.

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Gandhi and the People

After Gandhi became a lawyer, he went to the British colony of South Africa where the laws said that people with dark skin had fewer rights than people with light skin. He wanted to help change these unfair laws and created a powerful, non-violent movement. 

Gandhi returned to India and was horrified to see the way people that were not white were treated. The Indian people of Bihar were very badly treated by the white British masters. 

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Gandhi led many protests against the British. He believed that India should rule itself.

After his efforts and several other Indian leaders, India finally got independence on 15 August 1947. 


Mahatma Gandhi's death

Gandhi was shot and killed in the garden of his home in New Delhi on 20 January 1948. His funeral was attended by two million people.


Why is Gandhi famous?

Gandhi is remembered for his belief that black and white people should have equal rights. He influenced millions of people including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (pictured below) and Nelson Mandela.

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Gandhi Jayanti

In honour of ''The Father of the Nation'', Gandhi's birthday was named Gandhi Jayanti and is nationally celebrated across India every year.