Where is the Nile River?

The Nile is the longest river in the world. Unlike most rivers, the Nile doesn’t flow downwards, it flows upwards.

It starts in the middle of Africa and flows up through Egypt before emptying itself into the Mediterranean Sea. It's over 4,000 miles long!

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Who lives by the Nile?

The Nile is very important for people. Many cities are built near the river. The ancient Egyptians needed the river to grow crops, they also used reeds that grew alongside the river to make paper called papyrus.

The Nile is used for water, fishing, washing and transportation, but it’s not only important for people. Hundreds of animals live in and around its waters like turtles, hippopotamuses, baboons, birds and one of the largest reptiles on Earth, the Nile crocodile!

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