Portugal is a country in southwestern Europe. It’s right next to Spain.

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The capital city is called Lisbon and the language they speak is Portuguese.' Olá' means hello. 

Almost 11 million people live in Portugal and the country has over 300 sunny days a year and some great beaches to play volleyball.

The tallest mountain is Mount Pico and the longest river is the Tagus river.

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Portugal is home to one of the world’s most endangered cat species, the Iberian lynx.


What is Portugal like?

Portugal is mostly mountainous, it has no inland lakes. In the south, there are islands, islets and limestone caves. The weather is generally warm and the winters can be cool and rainy, especially in the north. 


Major cities

Lisbon - this city is great fun to explore with its grand plazas that lead on to narrow cobbled streets. It is famous for the São Jorge Castle, an old Moorish castle.

Porto - the second largest city in Portugal, famous for its Porto wine.


What is Portugal famous for?

Portugal is famous for its beaches, food, football team and cork oak trees.