The heart

The heart is a very important organ that is about the size of a fist. Its job is to pump blood through our entire body. It sits in between our lungs and is protected by our rib cage. It’s important that all the parts of our body receive blood because blood carries oxygen and the cells of our body need oxygen to stay alive.

The amazing thing about the heart is that it works by itself. This is called involuntary - when we do not need to think about it to make it work.

The heart has four chambers, two on the top called atria and two on the bottom called ventricles

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Blood is pumped out of the heart through arteries and taken to the rest of the body. This blood is rich in oxygen and looks red. Blood is pumped out of the heart with a lot of pressure so arteries need to have thick walls so they don’t break. Blood is then returned to the heart from the body through veins. This blood isn’t rich in oxygen which is why veins look blueish.

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A healthy heart

If our hearts don’t work properly, it’s hard for our bodies to receive everything it needs. It’s important to keep the heart strong and healthy. Healthy food and daily exercise are good for the heart. An unhealthy diet and lack of exercise is bad for the heart. Smoking cigarettes is a major risk factor for heart disease.