The River Nile is in Africa. It is the longest river in the world and is about 4,160 miles long. It flows north through Egypt and into the Mediterranean Sea. It has two major tributaries, the White Nile and the Blue Nile.

Why did the ancient Egyptians live near the River Nile?
One of the most important things that the river provided to the ancient Egyptians was fertile land. They used the river for growing crops, water, transportation and trading. The most important crops were wheat, flax, and papyrus.

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Mud was used from the riverbanks to make sun-dried bricks. These bricks were used to build walls, houses, and other buildings.

Each year between June and September, the Nile would flood, depositing minerals and nutrients onto the land. This made the soil excellent for farming. The Aswan Dam was opened in 1970 and controlled the annual flood.

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The Nile River Delta is home to many different animals including crocodiles, turtles, baboons, and many species of birds. The most famous animal in the Nile is the Nile crocodile. They can reach up to 10 feet in length and weigh up to 1500 pounds.