What are Materials?
Materials can be used to make objects. Wood, glass, metal, plastic, and wool are materials. Materials can be hard, soft, rough and smooth.

Metals are strong, hard materials that can be squashed into different shapes without breaking. Some objects that are made from metal are frying pans, cutlery, coins and washing machines. Metals are good conductors of electricity.

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Glass is normally transparent which means we can see through it. Some objects that are made from glass are vases, windows, and bowls.

Wood comes from trees. It is strong and can bend without breaking. It is used to make things like tables and chairs.

Plastics are strong and waterproof. They are not magnetic. Some objects that are made from plastic are bags, toys, and bottles.

Fabrics are flexible and are used to make clothes. Towels are absorbent which means they can soak up water.