What is an adjective?

An adjective is a word that describes something. Adjectives can describe things, people or places. They give us information about size, shape, age, material, texture and much more!

Think about how you would describe your best friend, your house or your favourite game.

You might say:

'My friend is kind.'

'My house is small.'

'My favourite game is difficult to play.'

The word that is highlighted in each sentence is the adjective.


Let's keep practising. Try and find the adjective in the following sentences: 

1. Joseph's school bag is very heavy.
2. Michael's sister is loud.
3. Irene has black hair.
4. Rhia has lost her sparkly hair clip. 


1. heavy
2. loud
3. black
4. sparkly


Let's start the activities and see if you can identify the adjectives.