Digraph: 'ay' cloze activity

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Digraph: 'ay' cloze worksheet 

This worksheet is all about the exciting 'ay' digraph! In this activity, pupils will get to practise words that have the 'ay' sound, which is often found in words like "day," "play," and "say." Pupils fill in the blanks in sentences and strengthen their understanding of this unique sound. Children will have fun while improving their spelling skills!

Importance of learning spellings

Learning spellings is like unlocking a secret code to communication. When pupils learn how to spell correctly, they can express their thoughts and ideas clearly in writing. Knowing how to spell words helps us write stories and share information accurately. It also builds confidence in reading because children can recognise words easily. Just like putting together a puzzle, learning spellings helps us put letters in the right order to create meaningful words. So, by practising spellings, you're becoming a better communicator and a more confident reader and writer!

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5 - 6

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