International Peace Day Word Search

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International Peace Day

This word search activity is a fun and engaging way for KS1 pupils to celebrate International Peace Day while also reinforcing their spelling and vocabulary skills. The word search contains 12 peace-related words that are hidden in the grid. The goal is for students to locate and circle each word.

What is International Peace Day?

International Peace Day, also known as World Peace Day, is a globally observed event dedicated to promoting and celebrating the idea of peace, unity, and understanding among people and nations. It is recognised on 21st September each year. The purpose of International Peace Day is to raise awareness about the importance of peaceful coexistence, conflict resolution, and the prevention of violence on both a local and global scale.

International Peace Day encourages people of all ages to reflect on the power of peaceful solutions and the positive impact that acts of kindness and understanding can have in creating a more harmonious world. 

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6 - 7

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