Creating Compound Words

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Our Creating Compound Words worksheet is designed to help kids understand and master the concept of compound words. Through engaging activities, students will learn how two smaller words can be combined to form a new word with a different meaning.


This worksheet includes two main sections to ensure comprehensive learning. The first section requires students to draw lines connecting words that form a compound word, reinforcing their ability to identify compound word pairs. The second section asks students to choose the correct compound word from a given list to complete sentences, enhancing their contextual understanding.

This worksheet supports vocabulary building by introducing students to new words and their meanings. It enhances reading comprehension as students learn to recognise and understand compound words in context. By completing these activities, students will develop a stronger grasp of how words can be combined to create new meanings, which is essential for their language development.

By incorporating this worksheet into your lesson plans, you can provide students with an engaging and effective tool for mastering compound words. This worksheet not only builds vocabulary and reading skills but also encourages critical thinking in a fun and interactive way.

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7 - 8

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