Compound Word Sentences

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This worksheet includes two main sections focused on compound words. In the first section, students will use pairs of words to create compound words and then write sentences using these compound words. This activity helps students understand how compound words are formed and used in context. The second section challenges students to write a short story using at least three compound words, encouraging creativity and application of their new vocabulary in a cohesive narrative.

This worksheet supports vocabulary building by teaching students how to create and use compound words in sentences. It enhances writing skills as students practise sentence construction and narrative writing. By forming and using compound words, students will develop a better understanding of word formation and improve their ability to convey ideas clearly and effectively.

Our Compound Word Sentences worksheet is an engaging and effective tool for teaching compound words. By incorporating this worksheet into your lesson plans, you can help students build their vocabulary, enhance their writing skills, and enjoy the process of learning through creative exercises.

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7 - 8

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