What are Context Clues?

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This worksheet includes two main activities focused on using context clues. In the first activity, pupils read sentences and choose the meaning of the underlined word from multiple-choice options, using context clues to guide them. The second activity involves matching each word with its correct meaning, reinforcing their understanding through a different format. These exercises are designed to be clear and engaging, making the learning process fun for pupils.

This worksheet supports the development of reading comprehension skills by teaching pupils to use context clues to understand new words. It enhances vocabulary acquisition and encourages critical thinking as pupils infer meanings from the context. By completing these activities, pupils will become more confident readers and improve their ability to understand and use new words.

Our What are Context Clues? worksheet is an effective tool for helping pupils learn to use context to decipher unfamiliar words. By incorporating this worksheet into your lesson plans, you can help pupils build essential reading skills, expand their vocabulary, and enjoy the learning process through engaging and practical exercises.

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7 - 8

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