Learning Contractions

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The engaging worksheet will help students understand how to form and use contractions. This skill will enable them to write more naturally and fluently by combining words using apostrophes.

This worksheet provides two engaging activities that teach pupils about contractions. The first part involves matching common words and phrases with their contracted forms, reinforcing recognition and understanding. The second part requires pupils to rewrite sentences using contractions, giving them practical experience in applying what they've learned.

Activities Included:

Matching Contractions:

  • Pupils will match the full forms of words with their corresponding contractions.
  • Example: you are - c) you're

Writing Contractions:

  • Pupils will rewrite sentences by converting phrases into their contracted forms.
  • Example: I do not like spinach. ? I don't like spinach.

By completing this worksheet, pupils will:

  • Enhance their understanding of contractions and how to form them.
  • Improve their writing fluency and grammatical accuracy.
  • Gain confidence in using contractions in everyday writing.

Our Learning Contractions worksheet is a valuable resource for helping pupils grasp the concept of contractions. Incorporate this worksheet into your lessons to support pupils in developing essential writing skills in a fun and interactive way.

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Age Range:
7 - 8

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