Prefixes: dis-, re-, pre-

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This handy Prefixes: dis-, re-, pre- worksheet will help students understand and correctly use the prefixes dis-, re-, and pre-. By completing this worksheet, pupils will learn how these prefixes change the meanings of words and improve their vocabulary skills.

This worksheet provides engaging activities to teach pupils about the prefixes dis-, re-, and pre-. The first activity involves matching words with their correct meanings, helping pupils to recognise how prefixes modify words. The second activity requires pupils to add the correct prefix to base words, reinforcing their understanding. In the third activity, pupils fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from a given list, applying their knowledge in context.


By completing this worksheet, pupils will:

  • Enhance their understanding of prefixes and how they modify word meanings.
  • Improve their vocabulary and ability to use prefixes correctly.
  • Gain confidence in identifying and applying prefixes in various contexts.

The Prefixes: dis-, re-, pre- worksheet is an effective tool for teaching pupils how to use prefixes to change the meanings of words. By incorporating this worksheet into your lessons, you can help pupils develop essential vocabulary skills, enhance their understanding of word formation, and enjoy the learning process through engaging and practical activities.

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7 - 8

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