Hippopotamus Reading Comprehension

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Immerse your Year 3 pupils in the fascinating world of hippos with this engaging reading comprehension worksheet. Designed to enhance reading and comprehension skills, this activity provides interesting facts about one of Africa’s most iconic animals. The worksheet includes a detailed passage about hippos followed by a series of questions that encourage pupils to think critically and retain information.

Hippos are incredible creatures with some unique characteristics:

  • Water Lovers: Hippos spend much of their day in water to stay cool and protect their skin from the sun.
  • Night Grazers: They graze on grass at night, consuming up to 40 kilograms of grass in one night!
  • Social Animals: Hippos live in groups called bloats or pods and communicate through grunts, snorts, and roars.
  • Powerful Defenders: Despite being herbivores, hippos can be very aggressive and have powerful jaws to protect themselves.

This worksheet is perfect for broadening pupils’ vocabulary, improving their understanding of animal behaviour, and helping them identify key details in a text. Encourage your pupils to read attentively and enjoy learning about these magnificent animals. This activity is not only educational but also fun and engaging, making it a great addition to your lesson plans.

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7 - 8

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