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ESL Number Matching

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ESL Number Matching
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Engage your ESL students in an interactive and skill-building activity with our Number Matching Worksheet. This resource is thoughtfully designed to reinforce the connection between numerical words and their corresponding numerals, providing a foundation for numerical literacy. 

Students are presented with a list of numerical words (e.g., "five," "eight") alongside a set of numerals (e.g., "5," "8"). The task is to draw a line connecting each numerical word to its corresponding numeral, fostering recognition of both written and numerical representations of numbers. The worksheet is suitable for independent completion or as a pair activity. Students can work individually or collaborate with a partner to reinforce their understanding of numerical words and numerals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop recognition and association skills between numerical words and numerals.
  • Enhance written and numerical literacy in English.
  • Reinforce understanding of numbers within a given range.

The Number Matching Worksheet is a versatile and effective resource for ESL educators, providing a hands-on approach to learning numerical vocabulary. Whether used in the classroom or as part of a homework assignment, this worksheet supports the development of essential language and numerical skills in an engaging manner.

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