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Story Completion with Adverbs

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Enhance your students' understanding of adverbs with this engaging and interactive ESL printable worksheet, "Story Completion with Adverbs." Designed specifically for primary-aged children at the pre-intermediate level, this worksheet provides a creative and educational activity that supports the development of essential language skills.

What's Included:

  • A short, captivating story titled "The Magical Garden" with strategically placed blanks for adverbs.
  • An introduction to adverbs, explaining their purpose and usage with clear examples.
  • A list of suggested adverbs to guide students in completing the story.
  • Fun and context-based learning that encourages creativity and comprehension.


This worksheet offers a hands-on approach to learning adverbs, allowing students to practise and apply their knowledge in a meaningful context. By filling in the blanks with appropriate adverbs, children will:

  • Improve their understanding of how adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.
  • Develop their sentence construction and storytelling skills.
  • Enhance their vocabulary and grasp of English grammar.
  • Engage in a fun and imaginative activity that fosters a love for learning.

Perfect for classroom use, homework assignments, or tutoring sessions, this worksheet is an excellent resource for educators and parents looking to reinforce adverb usage in an enjoyable and effective way. Download "Story Completion with Adverbs" today and watch your students' language skills flourish!

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