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Homophones worksheet

Homophones worksheet

Homophones activityThis worksheet focuses on homophones, which are words that sound the same but have different meanings and often different spellings. In this worksheet, pupils will practise identifying the correct homophone for each sentence by circling the appropriate word. This activity encourages them to pay attention to context clues and understand the subtle differences in meaning between homophones.Through this exercise, children develop their vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension skills. By distinguishing between homophones, they sharpen their ability to choose the right word based on the context of a sentence, enhancing their overall writing and communication abilities. After completing the sentences, there are two additional tasks where your child will use the words 'blue' and 'blew' in sentences of their own. This reinforces their understanding of the meanings of these homophones and encourages creativity in sentence construction. This worksheet provides an engaging and practical way for kids to practise homophones, helping them become more confident and proficient readers and writers.

Age: 6 - 7
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