What are Workflows?


Workflows allow you to create a roadmap of educational content for your child across any given subject. Children connect to these workflows through the Workflows platform an administration portal where parents, tutors and teachers can build individual and group learning journeys.

When you as a parent, tutor or teacher use the the Workflows admin platform you are able to customise each child's learning journey, for tutors and teachers you can create Workflows that are created in line with your lessons, allowing you to issue a single learning journey to multiple children in one go.

Everytime you create a new student within the platform they will automatically be assigned to all the subject Workflows you have currently created.

When you first login yo...

Workflows contain assessment tests for use to determine at what level a new child entering the platform is at, the Workflows Assessment Test allows the platform to assess what content the child needs to work on and what areas of the subject hey have covered off.

The initial assessment uses the child's age to determine what year group they fall into, the platform then selects a range of questions from that predefined workflow to see where within that learning journey the child falls....

The Heroics are heroes formed from the elements of the periodic table our Periodic Heroes that children can earn as they progress through the platform. Children can choose their first hero when they first login into the platform.

Not only does this bring the concept of gamification into the learning environment which children find engaging it also helps to build a deep knowledge of the periodic table before starting senior school which will give them a head start on other stu...

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