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At present you will need to email our customer care team on [email protected] and state your account id prior to the billing date you have set with Braintree our payment provider we will cancel your account.

If you submit your cancellation request on the billing date or after the billing date your cancellation will be effective at the next payment date scheduled.

All Primary Leap's accounts are on periodic billings. You will be charged the same amount as you signed up for. The frequency of this charge also depends on what options you choose. You can sign up on a monthly, 6 monthly, yearly or 2 year basis. If you subscribe to our basic access for a year you will only pay 90p a week which is an excellent saving compared to books and other resource websites.

PrimaryLeap is an online education suite for parents, tutors, teachers and schools. We offer both traditional educational worksheets that you can download and print, and an interactive education platform to help children learn and grow.

We offer a variety of features to enhance the learning experience, such as Workflows our learning planning tool, Periodic Heroes for children to collect through completing activities.

Yes you can, our standard packages are formed of both traditional worksheet content that you can download along with full access to the interactive content as well.

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