Year 6 History Printable Worksheets

Our history worksheets were created with year 6 students in mind and include fun fact sheets, cloze activities, word scrambles, comprehension exercises, acrostic poems, and much more. Your child will learn about some important events in British history, the heroism of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., and what happens on Remembrance Day.


Time-saving year 6 history worksheets for parents and teachers 

Studying history provides identity and also teaches children how to learn from the mistakes of others. From the Battle of Britain to Famous Women in British History, you can use our year 6 history worksheets to improve your child’s history comprehension and reading and writing skills. Our year 6 history printables can be used to support learning at home or in the classroom.


One of the best things about printable worksheets is that they make learning fun and easy. Explore our educational resources based on Year 6 History and keep your children learning through these fun and engaging exercises.


Our Year 6 History printable worksheets are designed for progressive learning. Our engaging content enables a child to learn at their own speed and gain confidence quickly. When we help a child believe in themselves, we empower them for life.


Printable worksheets are a great way to enhance creativity and improve a child’s knowledge. Help your child learn more about Year 6 History with this great selection of worksheets designed to help children succeed.

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