What is a contraction?

A contraction is a shortened form of a word which comes from two words that have been put together.

For example:

can + not = cannot. The contraction (shortened) form of cannot is can't.

When we shorten a word we take out some letters and replace them with an apostrophe (').

The apostrophe shows where a letter or letters would be if the words were written in full.


Here are some more examples:

Did not = didn't (the ' replaces the letter o)

Has not = hasn't (the ' replaces the letter o)

I will = I'll (the ' replaces the letters wi)

It is = it's (the ' replaces the letter i)

I would = I'd (the ' replaces the letters woul)


For the next set of activities, you will be asked to choose the correct contraction of the underlined words.


Choose the correct contraction for the underlined words:

He will meet us there.

he'll / hew'l / hewil'l

The correct answer is he'll.