Do you want to be a maths genius? Get ready because you’re about to learn a super cool trick of how to count in nines!

Counting in nines means adding 9 to a number. Have a look at the numbers below:

9,   18,   27,   36,   45,   54,   63,   72,   81,   90,   99,   108

If you buy 9 ice creams and you want to buy 9 more, how many ice creams will you have? 

Use your fingers to count. 

You will have 18 ice creams. To check you got the number right, here’s a trick to help you.

Look at the number 18. Now split the numbers up: 1 and 8

1 + 8 = 9

Whenever you count in nines, the numbers always add up to 9. How cool is that!

If you have 18 ice creams and you buy 9 more, you will have 27 ice creams:

2 and 7

2 + 7 = 9

Wow, you’re a maths wizard! There’s just one thing to remember, this trick doesn’t work when you reach the 11th number. 9 lots of 11 are 99. Magic can’t always work!


Now get your wand ready and try and solve these questions.