An introduction to the digestive system

The digestive system starts with the mouth and ends with the rectum. It’s the whole journey food and water goes through in our bodies, from beginning to end.

During the journey, food is broken down into tiny parts and the nutrients inside the food are absorbed by the body. The body uses these nutrients to get the energy to play, run, talk and do all the things we love doing. 

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Looking after the digestive system

You can probably guess the best way to keep your digestive system healthy and clean is by eating good food! And of course, drinking lots of water. 

Imagine the digestive system as a long tunnel and the food you eat as cars that drive through the tunnel. If the cars stop in the middle of the road they will cause traffic. The same thing happens when we eat unhealthy foods, it’s hard for them to pass through with ease. A lot of people suffer from constipation (not being able to go to the toilet) because of this.

Foods rich in fibres like vegetables, fruits and grains are great for the digestive system and plenty of water helps them slide down much easier.