Writing digits up to 1,000,000

If you know how to count from 1-20, then you know how to count in thousands!

All you have to do is add the word ''thousand''. Notice that we add 3 zeros to each number:

1,000: one thousand

2,000: two thousand

3,000: three thousand

4,000: four thousand

5,000: five thousand

6,000: six thousand

7,000: seven thousand

8,000: eight thousand

9,000: nine thousand

10,000: ten thousand

11,000: eleven thousand

12,000: twelve thousand

13,000: thirteen thousand and so on... all the way to 1 million!


1 million has 6 zeros: 1,000,000


Don't forget we use commas in numbers greater than 999 to split the number and make it clearer.