Egypt is a country in northeast Africa. It is neighbours with Libya and Sudan. The capital is Cairo and the language spoken is Arabic.

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More than 94 million people live in this country that once was home to one of the greatest civilisations on Earth.

It is a large country but a large portion of the land is desert. Most people live along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea or along the Nile River, which is not only the longest river in Egypt but also the longest river in the world!

Mount Catherine is the highest mountain in Egypt standing at 8,625ft (2,629m) high.

Some cool animals you can find in Egypt are hyenas, crocodiles, cobras, cheetahs and camels.


What is Egypt like?

Egypt is a very dry country with two deserts: the Sahara and the Libyan Desert. The south of Egypt has some low mountains and near the Nile, there are wide valleys.

The weather is generally humid throughout the year. Nights can be very cold during the winter months, especially in the desert.

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Colours of the flag

The colours of the flag are red, white and black.


Major cities

Cairo: the capital city filled with old buildings and many crowds. Places to see are the Citadel and the Egyptian museum.

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Alexandria: known as a major trading centre especially for Egyptian cotton. Some places you can visit here are Montazah Palace and the marvellous Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque.

Giza: the city to be if you want to see the Great Pyramid of Giza or the Great Sphinx.


What is Egypt famous for?

Egypt is famous for the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation, pyramids, the Sphinx, the River Nile and desert camels.