Where did the ancient Egyptians live?

The ancient Egyptians lived along the banks of the River Nile in Egypt. The Nile was very important to the people of Egypt. They used it for water, food and transport. 

Egyptian people lived in small mud houses with few windows or furniture. The houses had flat roofs that people would sleep on when it was too hot inside. 

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What did the ancient Egyptians eat?

The staple food for Egyptians was bread. They also ate fruits, vegetables, and lamb. Food was cooked in a clay oven and dishes were made out of clay.  



Most ancient Egyptians worked as farmers. They also worked as craftsmen and scribes. Farmers grew barley, and vegetables such as onions and cucumbers. Craftsmen jobs included carpenters, jewellers, and weavers. Scribes were people who could read and write. They used reed brushes dipped in ink to write letters and draw pictures. 

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What did ancient Egyptians wear?

Most people wore white clothes made out of linen. Women wore white dresses and men wore kilts to keep cool. Both men and women wore makeup and jewellery. Makeup wasn’t only for fashion, it also helped protect their skin from the hot sun. The Egyptians were usually barefoot, but sandals made from leather were worn on special occasions.