Italy is a funny looking country in Europe. It looks like a giant boot! It’s completely surrounded by sea except for one part, that’s why it is called a peninsula. It has many beautiful mountains that crisscross through the country dividing it into different regions where more than 60 million people live.

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The Alps and the Apennines are the two main mountain ranges in Italy. The longest river in Italy is called the Po River with a length of 405 miles/652km. Lake Garda is located in northern Italy, it is also the largest lake in Italy. The largest island in Italy is Sicily, it is also the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. 

The capital city of Italy is Rome and the language they speak there is Italian. 'Ciao' means hello. 


The flag

The Italian flag has three colours: green, white and red.


What is Italy like?

Italy has many different landscapes, it has plenty of coasts and sandy beaches, lakes, valleys and mountains. It even has volcanoes, some of these are actively ready to explode at any minute! Vesuvius near Naples, Etna on Sicily and Stromboli off the coast of Italy are Italy’s three active volcanoes.

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Depending on whereabouts you travel, Italy can be hot and dry or cold and snowy.


Major Cities

Rome - a great place to learn about the Romans and ancient Roman ruins.

Florence - known for its art museums and old churches. Many great artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo lived there.

Venice - a 'lagoon city' known for its carnival celebrations.

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Major Landforms: Sicily island, Sardinia island, Elba, Apennine mountains, the Alps, Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Po Valley, Etna and Vesuvius.


What is Italy famous for?

Italy is famous for food, food and more food! They love to eat, and pizza and pasta are just some of the delicious meals they’re good at making. Italy is also known for fashion and fancy cars.