Uses of Mountains 

Millions of people visit mountains each year. Some people enjoy sports activities and others visit mountains for the beautiful scenery.

Summer activities on mountains include walking, climbing, bird watching, and rafting. Winter activities include skiing, snowboarding, and climbing.

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Farmers also use mountains to graze their animals on and grow crops. 

Reservoirs are made to provide towns and cities with water. A reservoir is a large natural or artificial lake.

There are fourteen million people living in the Alps. The Alps is the longest mountain range in the world. 


The Mountain Climate

The climate (weather) on mountains is not the same at the bottom as it is at the top. At the foothills of a mountain, the weather might be warm. The peak (top of a mountain) of a mountain may be covered in ice. The temperature drops 1 or 2 degrees for every 300 metres of altitude (the higher up you go).