Many of the words we use today come from different languages. We’re going to have a look at words that are French and Greek in origin.

French words often end in ette, et, er, ie, age and que

Croquette, crochet, dossier, prairie, collage, boutique.

French nearly always spells the \sh\ sound with ch: crochet. 


Greek words often use the letter 'y' to spell words with a short i sound: symbiosis.

The f sound is often spelled 'ph': photograph, saxophone, geography

The r sound is often spelled 'rh': rhinoceros, rhetoric, rheumatism

The k sound is often spelled 'ch': anarchy, chronometry

The z sound is often spelled 'x': xylophone


Have a guess at seeing whether these next set of words are French or Greek.

Here's an example:

The word autograph is Greek in origin. Is this true or false?

The answer is true.