Walrus Colouring Activity

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Embark on a thrilling Arctic adventure with our Walrus Colouring Activity! Tailored for KS1 geography lessons, this worksheet invites young explorers to journey to the icy waters of the Arctic while expressing their creativity through colouring. Introduce students to intriguing tidbits about walruses, such as their impressive tusks, blubbery bodies, and unique adaptations for Arctic survival. Learning about these remarkable creatures adds excitement and curiosity to the colouring experience.

Fun Facts about Walruses:

  • Walruses are large marine mammals that inhabit the Arctic Ocean and surrounding seas.
  • They are known for their distinctive tusks, which are elongated canine teeth used for various purposes, including foraging and defence.
  • Walruses have a thick layer of blubber that helps them stay warm in cold Arctic waters.
  • They use their sensitive whiskers to detect food on the ocean floor, such as clams and other shellfish.
  • Walruses are highly social animals and often gather in large groups, known as herds, on land and ice floes.
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