Digraph: 'oa' cloze activity

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Digraph: 'oa' cloze activity
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How will this resource help young learners?

Phonics reinforcement: This handy worksheet focuses on the "oa" sound, allowing young learners to practice recognising and associating the sound with specific letter combinations. This reinforces their phonics skills and helps them become more familiar with the corresponding sound.

Vocabulary expansion: By engaging with words containing the "oa" sound, younger learners are exposed to new vocabulary. They learn new words which expands their vocabulary and helps them build a foundation for reading and comprehension.

Reading practice: This English activity provides an opportunity for young learners to practice reading words with the "oa" sound in a fun and engaging way. They can read the words out loud, improving their reading fluency and building confidence in their reading abilities. There are eight sentences for children to complete.

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5 - 6

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