Digraph: 'oy' cloze activity

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Teaching young learners about digraphs, like the 'oy' sound, is an essential part of developing their literacy skills. A digraph is a pair of letters that come together to represent a single sound. The 'oy' digraph is commonly found in words like "boy," "toy," and "enjoy." By introducing students to digraphs, you're providing them with tools to decode and spell words more effectively. Let's explore the benefits of teaching 'oy' words and how to introduce them through a worksheet.

Benefits of teaching 'oy' words and digraphs:

Phonemic awareness: Learning digraphs helps students recognise and understand specific sounds within words, enhancing their phonemic awareness.

Spelling proficiency: Mastering 'oy' words improves students' spelling skills and empowers them to tackle more complex words.

Reading fluency: Recognising digraphs leads to smoother and more fluent reading as students become more adept at blending sounds.

Vocabulary growth: Exposure to 'oy' words expands students' vocabulary and comprehension of various texts.

Encourage students to complete the fill-in-the-blank sentences using the 'oy' words provided.

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5 - 6

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